SMC Characters

These are the main characters of SMC, because the story is still relatively young, not all the characters you see here
have been introduced.  Please remain patient as the story progress, you will get to know them! Until then, please enjoy reading about them and their lives.
Brendan Thomas

Age: 18
(Senior at  Grayson High School) 

Birthday: August 1
Gender: Male 
Personality: Outgoing, artistic, confident, dedicated.
Bio: Brendan is the son of a once famous cartoonist by the name of Landon Thomas. When his parents seperated;  however, Brendan and his father were left alone to "hold down the fort." Ever since then his father has struggled to get back on his feet. Seeing his father in trouble, both financially, and emotionally; Brendan sets out to prove that because of his father's influence Brendan could be a great cartoonist too. He also believes if his mother sees how successful he and his father are, she and his younger sister will return to them. He applies for the school newspaper to be the cartoonist. At his age, his father was already nationally known as a prodigy. Brendan's first cartoon, Ducktrich, is a flop. Brendan is suddnely forced to change his entire story and characters to keep his position.  On the way home he picks up unique pen that will change his senior year, and possibly, his entire future. 
School Activities: Newspaper Cartoonist, Band (He plays the drums),  He and his friends are also the creators of the GHS Art Club. 

Stick Monkey

Age: baby
Gender: Male
Personality: Hyperactive, loyal, loving, dependant.
Bio: Stick Monkey began as a character design that Brendan was trying to make better. When he first draws him, with his new pen, he isn't sure that the design is "quite there." Soon, Brendan realizes just why that pen looked so strange! It has the power to bring just one drawing to life and then it disappears. Stick Monkey is now like a younger brother to Brendan. Perhaps this little monkey is just the sibling that Brendan needs.
School Activities: He acts as Brendan's "Chick Magnet Keychain." Because Brendan is a little afraid to leave him home with his cat Pixie, who loves to play with everything.
Kyle Jacobson
Age: 17 (Senior at GHS)
Birthday: December15
Gender: Male 
Personality: Quiet,  mature, subtle artistic (not as outgoing) 
Bio: Kyle doesn't wear those sunglasses for nothing. Nor does he wear them all the time. He was born with a physical defect which meant the loss of his eyesight. Ever since he was little Kyle never let his disability keep him down. It is because of his faith in Christ that he continues to try his best to overcome the odds and be an artist. His parents and older brother, Jake are all very supportive of him. His speciality is sculpture but if he has help he can sometimes paint.  Kyle's attitude is the polar opposite of his friend Brendan's. Because of his determination, he is very serious and doesn't like to joke around.  He is currently dating Valerie O'Conner, they have been together for two years. He has a new seeing eye dog named Shelby. She is a golden retriver.
School Activities: Ceramics, Vocal, band, (He plays the guitar) he and his friends created the GHS Art Club.
alerie O'Conner
Age: 17 (Senior at GHS
irthday: January 9
Bright, serious about art, supportive, Kind, smart

Valerie comes from a long line of successful artists. Her grandfather was a pop artist that won many prizes and fame across the country. Her parents are both famous architects that create many interesting and modern buildings. It's not a like when people call her that  "Artistic Princess." She has always loved art, her room is full of  prints from the great painters of the past. When she first meets Brendan she finds it a little strange that he would care so much about cartoons. Soon, however, she realizes how much work and artistic skill that is put into them. When Kyle moves to Grayson, she is at first shocked that he is so good at art, and truthfully, a little jealous. She didn't even realize until later that he was blind. Soon, they too become friends, and eventually an item. Valerie rarely leaves Kyle's side, and is sometimes seen painting with him after school. 
School Activities: Quiz team, Art, Vocal.
Fayth Gleason 
Age: 17 (Junior at GHS)
Birthday: September 2
Gender: Female
Personality: Outgoing, smart, clumsy
Bio: Despite her lack of artisic talent, Fayth does enjoy other forms of art, such as acting, singing, and even making things out of cloth. She also loves sports, such as volleyball and basketball. Because of her intersest, Fayth is pretty high up on the popularity chain, and is also considered one of the most sought after girls at Grayson High, despite the fact that she never accepts any offers. At school her life seems amazing, but her home life is a little different. Her parents are rarely home, and many times she is left all alone to worry about when they will return. Brendan has a small crush on her.
Zane Richards:
Age: 18 (Junior At GHS)
Gender: Male
Personality: Arrogant, rude, artistic
Bio: Zane is a rather tough guy. He likes to dress in dark clothing and he has a few piercings. His style of art is a little creepy and can be somewhat strange to the average person. He is pleased to hear that he might take over the cartoonist position at the paper. His reasons aren't exactly honorable, however. and neither are his ways of going about some of his artwork. 
Christin Timons
Age: 17 (Junior at GHS)
Gender: Female
Personality: Loyal, caring, outgoing, somewhat introverted.
Bio: Chris and Zane grew up together and through out their grade-school years she always stayed by Zane's side. When junior high started she  noticed a change in  her friend, he suddenly became angry and dark. Because of her loyalty to him, Chris slowly changed herself to be like him.
She hopes that one day, he will return to the nice school boy she knew before.  She has two brothers in college and one younger sister. Her parents are very supportive and caring but they worry about her because of who she has become.
Brendan's Journalism Classmates:
Ally Ketz
Johann Veser
Billy Shall
Rae Wood
Caity Price